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Noumeda Carbone on Elitismstyle

Paris born, Italian artist and freelance illustrator since 2006. She works with ink, pigment liner, felt-tip pen and sometimes she mixes hand drawing with digital instruments. Her illustrations are surreal, dreamlike,   darkly and full of incredible details. As a freelance illustrator, in recent years she has worked with some   creative directors and each one gave to her various and very interesting point of view about aesthetics, way to work, communication’s process.

“Nocturne” (picture above) as Noumeda says – represents a lady with sexual and provocative elements, an occasion to reflect about the darkness and lustful ways to obtain   the object of desire. She is exposing an opium flower to seduce the little bird. Her upper part of the body is  intricate, sophisticated, and represents an hiding place for the bird’s copulation. – Her pubic hair turns into   blades of grass. She’s trying to camouflage herself.

More on Noumeda: Her works has been published on ” 200 Best Illustrators worldwide Luerzer’s Archive Specials 09/10″, Big Book of Fashion Illustration, Communication Arts – 50° Anniversary Issue, Rolling Stone Magazine, Glamour magazine, Computer Arts, La Perla Magazine, Trenland, Kult magazine.  Awards: *3×3 PROFESSIONAL SHOW N°7 2010 merit Awards. *Design & Illustration AWARD at Art Takes London 2011.

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Noumeda Carbone on Elitism style

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