**Design & Illustration AWARD at Art Takes London 2011** SCOPE Art Fair


“In awarding Noumeda Carbone the Illustration prize of Art Takes London, we knew she was an amazing talent. Capturing a world that’s fantastical, surreal, elegant and slightly spooky, Carbone’s works in ink, pigment and pen excite us for what’s to come next in her career. Turns out Vogue noticed her talent, too.” by http://www.artistswanted.org/prev_exhibitions/art_takes_london_2011/

Art Takes London is presented by Artists Wanted and SCOPE Art Fair. SCOPE Art Fair is the largest and most global art fair in the world featuring emerging contemporary art with 7 markets worldwide, the premier showcase for international emerging contemporary art.

With fairs in London, Basel, New York, London and the Hamptons, SCOPE is an influential presence in the expanding global art market that has garnered critical acclaim with sales of over $100 million and attendance of over 300,000 visitors.

Artists Wanted was created by two Brooklyn based artists, Jason Goodman and William Etundi Jr. Their firsthand experience in the art world was the inspiration for creating this bold new platform for finding burgeoning talent and supporting artistic endeavors through unique, far-reaching opportunities. By hosting online portfolios for thousands of creatives, holding international competitions and producing high-profile exhibitions and events, Artists Wanted is re-defining the way artwork is exposed to the world. The judges for the Prize are Alexis Hubshman, Founder of SCOPE Art Show, Jason Goodman, Founder of 3rd Ward and Daria Brit Shapiro, Head Curator at Artists Wanted.



See more here: http://www.vogue.it/en/trends/the-trend-blog/2011/07/art-takes-london-2011


Here you can find the Scope Miami 2011 official Catalogue http://issuu.com/scope_art_show/docs/scope-miami-2011-catalogue/46

scope miami 2011 scope miami 2011b

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