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(花蒂的潔淨 陰蒂的美好 Pure Sepal & Wonderful Clitoris

我有些震撼,這些插畫作品,雖然並非大尺度畫作,卻著實有著巨大能量。在線條與顏色的跳躍之間、在複合媒材的流轉融合之際,Noumeda Carbone的作品像是一場盛宴、一個夢境,一座迷宮(亦或子宮)。或許我也會這麼形容:一個與既定事實與規則無關的世界。Noumeda的作品帶給你深夜即將結束前的渾沌與新生,一切人與自然物都可能將在即將出現的曙光中綻放希望。

I was a bit shocked. These illustrations are not big in size but huge in power. Blending the intricate lines and colors while moving fluidly between mixed media, Noumeda Carbone’s work seems like a banquet, a dream and a labyrinth (or a womb). Perhaps I can describe this way: a world with no relation to the existing facts and rules. Noumeda’s work brings you chaos and new birth before the end of a long night. Hopes for people, as well as for the Nature, may be once again in a full bloom at the first light of the breaking dawn. ◎Text:Bruce Chao Translator:Carol Kuo Photo


Noumeda CarboneCACAO Taiwan2


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