Noumeda Carbone Live painting – Castro Street Art Project – Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv

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noumeda street art photo by urban existenz90_n



Noumeda Carbone Live painting – Castro Street Art Project – Old Jaffa Port – Tel Aviv.

The Castro Street Art Project 2012 is the continuation of  Castro Street Project 2011, a project joining internationally acclaimed street artists with the fashion design studio of Castro.

As the previous project, this event is the culmination of a year long project which joined the fashion designers and the street artists. Together they have created 11 capsule collections which is showcased simultaneously at a popup shop in one of the hangars of the port.  During this event the contributing artists have come to Israel and created amazing murals in very different techniques, covering several facades of prominent buildings at Jaffo port.

Every visitor had the unique opportunity to have a look at these paintings created live, to see the artists behind the works and get in touch with them and to review the collections first hand.
Concept & Production:O*GE

Contributing artists:
Alexandros Vasmoulakis (Athens)
Beastman (Sydney)
Claudio Ethos (Sao Paulo)
Faith 47 (Capetown)
Jack TML (Jerusalem)
Kukula (Oakland)
Minjae Lee (Seoul)
Noumeda Carbone (Florence)
Paris Koutsikos (Athens)
Skount (Amsterdam)
Yinon Zinger (Jaffa)
Zoya Cherkassky (Tel Aviv)

Location: Jaffo Port
Time: 11-19/5 2012

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