illustrations for Savio Firmino and Boloni/Tellmach Group | Noumeda

Savio Firmino will open a new showroom in Beijing on August 27 with an unique event of its kind, together with Boloni/Tellmach Group, leader in the furnishing sector in China.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Italian institute of Culture, the Italian Institute for the Foreign Commerce, and Toscana Promozione Savio Firmino will show to a selected audience some excellences from Italian production, setting the accent on the cultural relationships over the commercial.

In the suggestive frame of “9 Dynasty Theatre Restaurant” it will be organized a tasting of the best Wines produced in Tuscany. Savio Firmino artisans will show their artistic abilities. An interesting retrospective of Italian Cinema will be projected. An ancient representation of “Wu Fu Kunqu Opera” will be presented with Savio Firmino furnishings, a production strongly inspired by the Florentine Renaissance tradition.

Graphics for both invitations and the brochure will be realized by the renowned graphic artist Noumeda Carbone.

Important persons from show business, politics and economy will attend the event: Minister of Culture from Chinese Popular Republic and the Italian Ambassador among them.

Artwork: Noumeda Carbone

author: Salvatore Bianco date: 05 August, 2009


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